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Kangaroo island, which got its name due to the large crowds of Kangaroos in the 1800s. Kangaroo Island is a peaceful and ravishing island only thirteen kilometers from the shoreline of South Australia. A simple drive from Adelaide to Cape Jervis which would take 2 hours followed by a 50-minute boat ride, you will arrive at the eastern piece of the kangaroo island, known as Pennashaw. There are also other ways to reach this island such as taking a flight from Adelaide or driving from Adelaide to Kingscote to take a ferry ride. If you are planning a getaway for the weekend, you should definitely give a go at a day trip to Kangaroo Island where you will be able to draw your breath away with every experience that you get in this extraordinary island. Here are some of things that you can do and kangaroo island and why it is perfect for you:

Explore the Seal Bay Conservation Park

A 55 km drive from Kingscote to the south will arrive you at the southern bank of Kangaroo Island which is home to sea lions and seals. You will see them under the sun or taking care of their younglings. If you want a bit of adventure and live like the classic Aussies do, you can even take a chance at riding the waves. Make sure that you are given the guidance of an experience tour guide so that you can gain the best from the trip and identify if there are any dangers. The guidance from the best experts and the best of what kangaroo island has for you can be experienced by heading out tours Kangaroo Island.

To Get Blessed with the Beauty at Vivonne Bay

When you drive a little more than 20km from the Seal Bay Conservation Park, you will come across Vivonne Bay. The view that will come to your sight at Vivonne bay is stunning, the sandy beaches and the curbed bay makes it ideal for picnics, some fishing or anything that you would like to do. In case you’re an expert surfer, go ahead and appreciate the wonderful turquoise waters and even ride the amazing waves. The bay is also known to be safe, so you will have no worries at all.

Investigate the Flinders Chase National Park

To the west of the Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase National Park is belonging to the list of Australia’s biggest parks covering 74,000 hectares. The Flinders Chase National Park is home to a different variety of fauna and viewed as one of South Australia’s most critical stops.