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The wedding day is one of the special days for any couple who are totally in-love with each other. As such, they exert effort and money to commemorate this big day. Here are some guidelines on how to decorate the wedding rites venue and reception area now:


Nowadays, many couples is getting creative with their wedding preparations and they like to have an arch too. The arch is usually placed at the entrance of the venue. This is usually decorated with flowers, ribbons, feathers, and garlands. The couple will usually exchange kisses and release the dove at the arch. Ask for help from wedding decoration hire Sydney about this one.


A decorated aisle will look awesome on your special day than a plain one. You can put a red carpet on the aisle from the entrance to the stage. Scatter some flower petals on it to make it look romantic. You can also put flower stalls in the aisle. This will intensify the theme of the event and it will look good on pictures too.


The chairs during your wedding rites are also decorated. Some put some wedding reception ideas Sydney, balloons, and ribbons on it based on the overall wedding theme. Ask your coordinator for this and make sure that you maintain open communication with him.


You can celebrate your wedding at various venues. As such, the entrance can be a simple gate, church door, or flower vases. Whatever your entrance will be, always see to it that the decoration does not look plain. Put some flowers, garlands, or ribbons on it. Put different elements that you can think of to make it look fantastic.

Wedding Reception Decors

After the wedding rites, the couple together with the guests proceeds to the reception. This is where good food and stories are shared to commemorate the event. As such, we would always exert effort to decorate the reception as beautiful as paradise. For the stage, you can put the backdrop with your name or pictures. Put flower centerpieces for every table. This is needed for both the family and VIP tables. You can put flowers in a vase or other elements that you like. Make sure that each guest are properly seated together with their friends. Set up appropriate lighting together with your lighting designer. With this, your decorations will look amazing during the event. Add the wedding flowers that match on your theme at every corner of the reception area. In sum, you don’t have to spend too much on the decorations of your wedding day. With a little creativity, you can make this day awesome just as how you have been dreaming of it. Remember the tips mentioned above and surely you will find it handy.