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Large cranes are a very common sight in large cities where construction of tall buildings is going on. They are as much a part of the city’s skyline as the buildings themselves. They are used everywhere in the world for commercial construction to lift and place heavy objects. The vertical part of the crane is called the mast and because the crane is used to lift heavy objects to great heights, the mast is supported by a big and heavy base. It can weigh many thousands of pounds and is in accordance with the weight of the mast. There is a stewing unit that is placed on the top of the mast and comprises of the motor and gear the enables the crane to rotate. The large horizontal arm is known as the jib and is used to carry the load is also near the stewing unit. There is also a counter weight on this platform to balance the load and to make sure that the crane doesn’t topple over. The more the construction work going on in a city, the greater the crane sales. overhead crane maintenance have been around since the time of the ancient Greeks and are also have cables and pulleys that allow lifting of materials that humans will never be able to. Over time the design of these machines has changed to suit the needs of the industry and allow lifting to be done in areas that are dangerous for humans to work in. They are also used in emergency relief situations such as the after math of earthquakes where building have collapsed and people that are trapped underneath need to be rescued.  Therefore, crane sales also increase in times of disasters where emergency units need to use them.

Cranes are powered by electric motors or by using hydraulic power but with the advancement in technology, it won’t be uncommon to see cranes here being powered by various other sources. One of the most common types of cranes are tower cranes that attached to the ground on a slab of concrete and a combination of height and lifting capabilities.  They are enormous machines and workers have to be very careful while working around them and safety measures should always be in place to make sure that the risk of accidents is decreased substantially. Cranes are crucial to a construction projects as they are able to transport materials from one location to another which would otherwise take a long time and a lot of man power. Cranes can also be rented from various companies for any period of time.