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Want to install a commercial garage door? Which size is best for your building? Which commercial garage doors sizes in gold coast you must install? These are few questions that come into your mind before installing the commercial garage doors for your business.

Your choice must depend on your need. If you want to install the garage door, then the essential thing you must know is the commercial garage doors sizes. Minor inches can get you in trouble. Hence, to avoid this awkward situation you must consult the best company who guides you in the best way.

The advance garage door is the best company because we are proving our best garage door service to the customer. We also guide our customers about the types and commercial garage doors sizes. Here, we will look at some types of commercial garage doorsthat you can install.

Types of commercial garage doors:

These are the most common types used in many businesses.

Overhead commercial doors:

These are the most common garage doors. The name overhead is given to this door on its design. The door is lifted through a track or a railing. Many people use this garage door because it is the best weather resisters. Moreover, it gives you high security with the increased efficiency of energy.

These commercial garage doors sizes are 32 feet by 2 inches wide and 24 feet by 1 inch in height. An average size that is suitable for every use. If the size does not suit your requirements, then you can order a special size for this. However, we will give you our best garage door service.

Roll-up commercial doors:

The second most popular choice of the business. From the name, it is clear that the door is lifted like a roller. Hence, the popularity is due to its easy uplifting and down lifting. However, these commercial garage doors sizes include 30 feet by 4 inches wide and 28 feet by 4 inches in height.

An average commercial garage doors sizes. It has various benefits including security purposes, weather resistance, and space-saving. Employees find it easy to use due to its rolling feature. Moreover, this type is more effective than other garage doors. We can help you to install the door at your workplace as this is our special residential garage doors prices in gold coast.


In short, these two are more frequently used commercial garage doors sizes. They are best for security purposes, weather resistance, and can be operated easily. Hence, you can contact us for designing the garage door and to install it. We give you our best garage door service.