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What is the best way to look after a commercial or office building? As the building manager or the owner/ manager of it, are you aware of a proper maintenance plan which is in place for day-to-day maintenance? Or do you generally have to conduct expensive repairs as and when a breakdown occurs,or a when a crisis explodes?

Lessons learned

Building owners during the years are aware of the fact that for their facility buildings to endure in acceptable, good conditions a reactionary plan is not suitable. An aggressive preventative measures’ plan for maintenance must be in place. Just “some guy” who looks in to all that goes on is not sufficient; a group of trained professionals to be employed at the venue is fully recommended to prevent blocked drains Cheltenham or shorted circuits. This team can then take a look at the current situations and form a plan of frequent checkups. The team can handle all relevant tasks of repairs and day-to-day maintenance that comes up over time.

Important points to remember…

What is needed is, maintenance of every electricity and water service. Any report of a discrepancy must be followed up and it must be done on timeand by a professional person or a team. Similar to your body’s need of regular health checks and testing, even on a building the security system and its’ features, repairs done to fixtures, ceilings, fittings, HVAC systems, plumbing, elevators, walls and many more. Testing of quality of air and restoration of molds is also important as it is vital to the upkeep of the health of employees who are working in the building and/ or customers who walk in to the building.

Value over money

Most building owners are reluctant to hire a permanent team of maintenance people because of the cost. However, considering a large building, with so many people at work, it is an ideal place to have something go wrong. It could be the electricity supply, network issue of computers, a water or bathroom issue which requires a plumber Bentleigh East or even a bad paint job now flaking off. There is less and less room for backing off and reacting when it comes to management of facilities of a large building of offices, as the results of these can be devastating. Maintenance of the building as well as the surrounding areas, and the interior – fixtures, plants and so on- is of much importance as itcan provide an image of the building and the business you are running. Let it be a positive rather than negative