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So it has finally come to the last few nights until your friend gets married. If you really want to give her a great send-off, you need to organize a nice hens night with the help of your other friends. So how do you go about planning the night in a way that your soon-to-be Mrs will never forget for the rest of her life?

The obvious answer is to try and make an impact with the party, so here are some tips to ensure you can reach your goal quite reliably. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these are just small guidelines to put you on the right track. The actual organization work is entirely up to you!

Start Looking for a Venue Straightaway

Let’s start with the location first, as this is one of the biggest factors which will decide whether your party is a success or not. There are different locations that may be suitable for hosting a hens party, so you need to go through all of them with your other friends to see which one gets voted the most. It would be preferable to opt for a location that is already prepared to handle such events, as this allows your friend to experience an unforgettable hens night where she can even attend flower crown workshops to learn something that is totally new to her!

Book a Date

Once you have settled the venue of the party, it is time to book the venue. Do this as soon as possible, since the most coveted venues are always in high demand. There is no guarantee that you will be able to book the same place if you wait for a few days, thereby forcing you to change the location or even straight-out cancel the party. Not an ideal situation to be in, so be fast with your booking.

Plan Out the Event

Once the basics are out of the way, you need to take a look at the event itself. Decide at what time the party starts and make a plan for all the different activities that will be hosted at the party. It is alright to go a little wild with topless waiters Sydney and dancing sessions: this is what hens parties are known for, after all!

Divide the Expenses Amongst Yourself

Don’t try to take the burden of covering all the costs by yourself. Dividing all the expenses between the attendees can provide you with a higher budget to work with, not to mention a lot of input from your friends in actually organizing the party. This makes it a pretty important thing to try and get as many people to join you when planning the night, more so if you already on a mission fighting against time.