Celebrating Your Kids First Birthday

A baby is the epitome of a family’s existence. Any couple who is married will be looking forward to having kids and making a successful family. When you first have a baby, it brings in immense joy and you’d do anything to make it a memorable experience to them as well as you.

Celebrating birthdays

A birthday is an unforgettable event. The first birthday of any one is such a special event that even the most-uninterested people on parties and celebrations will consider having a gathering of family and friends to have a good time with the birthday boy or girl. Kids parties Sutherland Shire can be planned in very interesting ways; it can have a theme such as a favourite cartoon character of your kid, a colour theme or even an animal theme. Cake and décor can also followthe same. If you have time, watch the numerous DIY or Do It Yourself videos in the internet to see how you can tweak simple household stuff to make beautiful yet less expensive décor at home by yourself.

Preparing for it

Do plan it ahead; kids can be unpredictable so do not assume what he or she would want as the cake or the theme. Better to ask them beforehand and decide on one with their express approval! They may like to don costumes as well. You can probably ask their friends also to play along with costumes, in that case you might want to talk to their parents and agree on costumes. If you are planning to bring in candy and stuff, make sure it matches the theme and colours. However it is not a must to go ahead with a pink theme for girls and a blue one for boys; teach them that the colours do not specify due to gender. Although you may want to follow some set rules at the Montessori or kindergarten of your kid.

Games and entertainment

Of course, games and entertainment is a must at the party as kids get bored so quickly. You can perhaps hire a clown or some people with animal/ cartoon character suits on; but they need to know how to keep a bunch of one-to-two year old kids happy and engaged. Maybe a magician also can amuse them, too. If it is too much of a cost a parent or a friend of yours can volunteer with a suit. Newer strategies include laser tag Caringbah, play acting, surprise visits from favourite characters such as Dora the explorer or Ninja turtles. Of course, if your baby is in agreement and you also feel it a good thing, you can have a small party and donate the money dedicated for it, to a worthy cause. Make sure you have a good photographer and a videographer to cover these events. After all, only the photos will be left as memories of an unforgettable event.

Essential Qualities Of Kids Entertainers

Entertainers are the main part of the party because they help kids have a fun time and create the best memories of the party. Sure, the food and the favours are also important but without an entertainer the kids will soon feel bored up. Kid’s entertainers have a huge part to play because unlike adults, kids will not be patient nor will they pretend to be interested. They must be able to captivate the kids and at the same time please the parents. Although they are professionals in the field they are required act free and young. So here are some qualities which great entertainers have.


Children party entertainers must always be on their feet to keep the kids entertained. Since naturally kids are filled with energy the entertainers are expected to keep up. They must be able to all what the kids want them to without feeling tired or stressed. Low energy is not an option because of the various physical activity that takes place such as dancing and running around. If the entertainer isn’t energetic the kids will soon realise this and end up disappointed.


Although the entertainers may be professionals their job requires them to act as children. This allows them to connect more deeply with the kids and genuinely entertaining them. Kids also feel comfortable around entertainers when they act as friends rather than adults. This connection will have a good effect on the kids.


Despite the childish behaviour and acts, children entertainers Wollongong must practice safety while entertaining the kids. They may take part in crazy games and activities but must always keep in mind that they are responsible of the kids. Safe products must be used such as face paints or toys. This will reduce chances of unnecessary accidents and keep the kids happy throughout the party.


Children go through a range of emotions and dealing with them can be a tough job. Entertainers must be calm and capable of dealing with tantrums in a smooth manner. If the child refuses to join in or play together, he must be patient with the child. This is a job ideal only for people who are genuinely good with kids because short tempered adults can soon lose patience while dealing with annoying childish behaviour.

Well Mannered

Entertainers must always remember that they are role models even in a small way. Because of their fun and positive character children will soon feel attached to them. So as such an individual they must be careful of their actions as well as their words since the kids will process everything they see and hear.